Dæk setup

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Normal                 Bredde 8 m/m.     Bredde 8 m/m              Bredde 10-11 m/m

Dybde 4-5 m/m          Dybde 4-5 m/m           Dybde 5-5,5 m/m

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Rallying Tyre Choice

Yokohama offer 6 different tyre types that can be used for Rallying in the UK –

  • · A035 – Suitable for Gravel stages, wheel sizes 13″-15″
  • · A035E – Directional Tyre suitable for Gravel stages, 15″ wheel size only
  • · A006 T – Suitable for Asphalt stages, wheel sizes 15″-18″
  • · A048R – Suitable for Asphalt stages, wheel sizes 12″-18″
  • · A032R – Suitable for Asphalt stages, wheel sizes 10″-16″
  • · A021R – Suitable for Asphalt stages, wheel sizes 13″-14″
  • These tyres are available in a range of compounds to suit most weather and stage conditions, the trick is to choose the right one for the day!

Compound choice is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • · Type of car. e.g. 2wd/4wd
  • · BHP
  • · Air/Ground temperature
  • · Stage conditions
  • · Driver style & awareness
  • · The weather conditions!!
  • Taking these factors into account Yokohama provide a compound suitability chart which is available in our current Motorsport Brochure. It is important to match the correct size tyre to the correct size wheel rim width. When tyres are mounted on rims the tread profile should be as flat as possible and the side walls as ‘Square’ as possible to the rim face. This will help you acheive maximum stability and traction, and give consistent handling characteristics. Please consult the tyre rim-size chart in the Motorsport brochure for your vehicles spec.

Tyre Pressure

Another variable which can greatly influence the handeling of your vehicle. Tyre pressures are influenced by the same factors as I have already mentioned for tyre compound choice. As a basic guide you need to achieve these Hot Pressures for maximum perfomance on rally stages:

  • · A035 – 30-34psi
  • · A035E – 30-34psi
  • · A006T – 30-35psi
  • · A048R – 26-30psi
  • · A032R – 26-32psi
  • · A021R – 28-34psi
  • Rember this is only a basic guide to Hot Pressures, tyre pressure can increase as significantly from cold depending on the conditions, so adjust the cold starting pressure to suit. Care should be taken to monitor your pressure as often as you can throughout an event, this increases your chances of achieving a stable/durable performance and also helps to idetify problems.

Tyre Wear and Durability

Again the same factors come ito play, although perhaps the most important is the driverstyle an awareness. For example an experienced driver may know when to use a harder compound tyre to try to achieve maximum performance and durability over the stage length. This can be achieved with good feedback about stage and weather conditions. Remember the tyre compounds and tread patterns are designed to achieve maximum performance over a certain distance in certain conditions/tempertaures. When using Gravel tyres, frequently check the tread for signs of wear, make sure that there is still visible tread left on the tyre, also check the sidewall for cuts,etc. Asphalt tyres should also be frequently checked paying particular attention to the tread area – inspect for cuts and objects sticking into the tread as they are not as reinforced as gravel tyres.